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In this memoir, Hirsch shares his learning experiences and relates them with humor, insight and deeply felt observations. Although this is not primarily a book of instruction, there are instances describing techniques he has learned and developed for himself that he has happily shared with other older skiers. 

Illustrious people in the world of skiing as well as in the non-skiing world come to life in these pages. Jean-Claude Killy, Alberto Tomba, Ingemar Stenmark and Pepi Gramshammer are a few of the notable skiers. Adventure, history, joy and tragedy are intertwined in narratives concerning such diverse individuals as Albert Einstein, Sonny Bono and Michael Kennedy.

There are vivid descriptions of many of the slopes and runs in the 152 areas where Hirsch has skied. Tales of the sites and sounds of the Winter Olympics at some of these world famous resorts are fascinating, intriguing and often romantic. Triumphant adventures are woven into stories of celestial sightings, off-piste skullduggery, and confessions of some horrendous, even life-threatening, mistakes.

Readers'  Comments

As a non-skier, i found myself very involved in the travelogue as well as your skiing vignettes. It was easy reading. I can't wait for Memoirs of a Geriatric Tennis Player.
Al Turtel 

" I Love it. You hooked my attention in the first three pages".
Claudia Diller 

I finished the book yesterday and it is fascinating. What a wonderful collection of memories.
Ted C. Turner 

I feel you don't have to be a skier or world-wide traveler to devour this book, you just have to love great story telling.
Inge Lesjak 

Hirsch is a captivating storyteller!
Joan Ostroff

Your beautiful book arrived yesterday. What a treat to get such a package !!
Dave Powers 

It's an impressive work--beautifully written and produced, and very moving. Overwhelming even to a non-skier.
Marjorie Levine 

I enjoyed reading this book and the author was kind enough to sign it as well! I have never been skiing in Europe but I want to go out and sharpen my skis and join the author on the next flight!
Alexandra Brovey 

I feel like I just returned from the delivery room. Like all precious new arrivals your book is too adorable for words.
V. Goldin 

I have skied with the author numerous times and he gave me several very helpful hints which helped me to improve my technique. I loved the book and recommend it to skiers at any level.

Bert Simson, Bethesda, Maryland
Bert Simson 

A man after my own heart - I'm joining the line-up of people hoping to ski with him please!
Arnie Wilson 


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